Software Testing Practices and Strategies

Software testing and development has mutated over time from waterfall method to Agile. For Agile methodology, the area of focus is building a high quality product, by minimizing the risk associated with development. Since agile methodology involves recurrent changes, it is important to have a test automation process for the same. Continue reading

Top continuous integration and continuous delivery tools

The organizations’ software development focus on delivering durable product to their customers keeping in mind the needs and requirements. Developing a Quality Software is a “tough row to hoe” because there are several issues and consequences in terms of changing business, deployment of software etc. To put all things at place, organizations founded methods to develop and modify software with ease without issues. These methods are termed as Continuous Integration and Continous Delivery. Continue reading

Tools for efficient agile software development process

In the early 2000s, the Agile software development process was conceived as a solution to a growing problem. With teams unable to meet the deadlines and projects getting canceled due to the speed of technology growth, agile was a necessity. Today, after almost two decades, the workflow management solution has transformed the industry. Continue reading