Written on April 18, 2016

There are plenty of web developers in the market today, but not all are created equal. As demand has grown, so have the number of agencies and individuals who have thrown their hats into the ring. Devision has been around for a while and we have built a reputation based on our ability to deliver client-focused results. We have been proud of our work and especially pleased recently to be recognized for our efforts.

We were recently featured by Clutch, a Washington, D.C.-based research firm that focuses on identifying leading digital agencies, developers and software firms that have a proven record of client satisfaction. Our listing is included on Clutch’s 2016 list of Top Web Development Companies. This is a great honor for us and a testament to the work we have been doing for our clients since 2007.

Over the years, we have been building a team of expert web and mobile developers. Our team builds custom web and mobile applications using test-driven development, continuous integration tools and an agile process. Our work, we believe, speaks for itself, but it is always gratifying to receive third-party confirmation from organizations like Clutch.

Clutch reviews hundreds of agencies in the digital and content marketing space and selects those to feature on its website based on their ability to meet their clients’ needs. Their selections are driven not only by companies’ market presence and previous experience, but, most importantly, by what these companies’ customers have to say about them. It is important to note that this customer input is not screened by Devision at all, but provided through Clutch as a third party to ensure transparency and unvarnished feedback.

We are delighted that the feedback our clients provided reflected quite positively on us.

For instance, one of our clients, the managing director of a business media resource firm, said: “What I like about them is that they’ve been able to do the work which many other companies, including ones in Silicon Valley, said couldn’t be done. The fact that I get along with their team and have a conference with them once a week is also fantastic.”

Another client, the operations director for an online multimedia platform said: “We’ve been happy with Devision’s work and couldn’t complain about anything … We’re a small team and, as such, we don’t spend a lot of time in meetings, making reports and ticking boxes. Our environment is not corporate-like … Devision has integrated well with us. They work well as a unit.”

We are happy with the feedback we have received from clients and delighted to be included on the 2016 Top Web Development Companies list. If you haven’t already, we invite you to check out our Clutch profile. Here you will find more information about our services, our clients – and what they have to say about their experiences with us.