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Custom software, web and mobile applications development using automated delivery and testing process, and agile approach

The company

We are a multi-discipline, dedicated team of software consultants, engineers, and designers specializing in web and mobile application development. Our professional approach consistently delivers quality results in a short time frame fitting into your development budget. In line with our company’s name – which is derived from a combination of the words ‘development’ and ‘vision’ – we aim to develop forward-looking solutions which address complex business problems while providing an excellent user experience.
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Domain Expertise

Apart from exceptional technical skills our specialists have expertise in the following domains
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Energy and Renewables
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Digital Business
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IT Services
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Agriculture and Farming
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Our approach

Self-organized Development Teams

Our customers get direct control over a pool of talented software engineers working as a dedicated development team. Our teams include experienced Team Lead, UX designers and software engineers working exclusively and only for our customer.

We work on long-term projects and invest in finding and retaining talented specialists ensuring the consistent productivity and cohesion of the team avoiding frequent changes of the members.

Transparent and collaborative relationship

Creating collaborative and productive environment together with the customer`s team where all questions and issues are addressed directly is one of the key factors for successful long-term partnership.

The team collaboration and tracking tools that we use, status meetings and the entire development process is designed with this in mind.

Deliver value ASAP

We believe that delivering business features as soon as possible in order to engage stakeholders and customers to interact with what have been built is the key factor behind successful digital products. We do it using Agile development methodology and two week sprints on staging environment.

Guaranteed quality

We track and measure every aspect of the project to guarantee that all features are delivered on time and in budget. We believe that keeping clean and structured code by conducting frequent code reviews, test-driven development is the best way to build complex applications.
Through special tracking tools, high-level progress reports and daily or weekly meetings we ensure that our customers are in aware of the status of the project at any moment.

Our Clients

Our values

A focus on delivering results

We always do our best to achieve our clients’ goals and fulfil all their expectations.

Open communication

We believe that it is only through honest and open communication that we can achieve long-term success and lasting relationships with our clients.

Commitment to progress

We like to push our limits, and continuously strive to improve our skills and adopt new technologies.


We enjoy our work and try to foster a positive and friendly environment for both our colleagues and our clients.

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