IoT Solutions

From home automation to industrial devices, it is our goal to develop secure and powerful IoT solutions connecting, devices, sensors, the cloud and humans.

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UI/UX for Embedded

Designing and building intuitive and functional interfaces, based on Angular and React, for various devices e.g. kiosks, wearables, gateways and smartphones.

IoT Apps and Cloud Integration

Providing IoT Architecture Design as well as effective Device Communication, Messaging and Data Management Strategies. Integration with Cloud Platforms like Azure IoT Hub and AWS IoT platforms.


Specializing in modernization and integration of legacy systems such as e.g. SCADA and ensuring automation of processes and operations from home to industrial usage.

Connection and Networking

Efficient Communication strategies for interoperability using diverse protocols such as SNMP, TCP/IP, Modbus and others.


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Energy Management Platform – Electriqube

PHP, Java, Javascript, Modbus
We have delivered energy management and monitoring solution for leading local Energy Company. The solutions is integrated in 11 hydropower plants managed by the company. We have performed hardware integration with existing controllers and sensors in the hydropower plants. This provides real-time monitoring of electricity production and automated production process based on pre-arranged schedules. The solution has reduced the deviations of actual electricity production levels from the pre-arranged schedules by 300%.

Electriqube is a product of Devision.
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