Java Development

We are using the advancements in Java and the wide ecosystem of frameworks to build enterprise-grade solutions for Web and Mobile, as well as the world of Smart Devices.

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Web Application Development

Using the power of Java Frameworks like Spring and Kubernetes, in combination with Angular and React, to create powerful SPA and progressive Web Apps.

Server-Side Development

Leveraging the rich features of Java EE and other frameworks for Server-Side Development in various areas, from web applications to big data processing.

Cloud, DevOps, Containers

Completely automated and continuous deployment of SaaS products into cloud infrastructures as a result of our DevOps culture based on Containerization as well as Continuous Integration and Delivery.

Microservices, APIs, Databases

Use of Microservices Architectures and best practices for designing RESTful APIs. Efficient Data Management Strategies in structured and unstructured ways with relational and NoSQL databases.

Java Embedded

Putting to use the latest Java Platform Advancements for Embedded technologies to deliver applications to the world of Smart Devices, such as Robotics, Home Gateways, Industrial Automation and others.

QA and Testing Automation

Creation of manual (JUnit) and automated tests to ensure high reliability, scalability and security of the solutions.


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