Building advanced web and mobile solutions for more than 10 years, for clients all over the world. Europe and USA are our primary markets.
  • Dedicated Development Team for Management Events

    The company organizes international B2B events for top-level executives and solution providers. Devision provided dedicated teams working on the following areas:

    • Progressive Web and Mobile App Development
    • Back-office for event data management and CRM like features.
    • Continuous Integration and Delivery, DevOps
    3+ Years | PHP, Yii, Angular, MySQL, DevOps
    Dedicated teams

    “I have been really satisfied how customer centric and professional the team has been. Devision has been helping us with really complex business logics and architectures. They have been helping us to improve our process and enable continuous integration environment as well. It's easy to trust that Devision team gives 100% for projects and meeting deadlines. They can help us on all levels of software development. I can recommend Devision to everyone who is looking for a flexible and skillful partner.”
    Antti PaukkuPartner & Software Architect at Management Events

  • Business Network Platform Development for Copybook

    4+ Years | PHP, Yii 2, JavaScript, Bootstrap, MySQL
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    Custom software development
  • Multimedia management platform for 3B Nexus

    4+ Years | PHP, Yii 2, JavaScript, Bootstrap, MySQL
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    Custom software development
  • Extended Team for Open Assessment Technologies

    TAO is the leading open source assessment solution for education and public sector employment. To meet ever-growing demand, the team behind TAO had to quickly ramp-up their software development resources, and so in late 2013 they turned to Devision for assistance with software engineering effort.

    6 Months | PHP, JavaScript, MySQL
    Dedicated teams

    “We‘re really impressed, not only with their expertise in advanced software development methodologies, but also with their professionalism and their ability to quickly adapt to changing market requirements. We‘re thrilled to be working with Devision and look forward to a long-lasting partnership.”
    Marc OswaldCo-Founder and CEO Open Assessment Technologies S.A.

  • Dedicated Team for Montway

    Dedicated Team for Montway

    Monway is US-based auto transportation and logistics company. It owns an online platform that manages the entire process from client enquiry to the shipment. We were selected as a development partner and provided a dedicated team to support and refactor existing logic and implement enhancements on the shipment online calculator and the back-office system.

    2 Years | PHP, Yii 2, JavaScript, Bootstrap, MySQL
    Dedicated teams
  • Energy Management Platform - Electriqube

    Energy Management Platform - Electriqube

    We have delivered energy management and monitoring solution for leading local Energy Company. The solutions is integrated in 11 hydropower plants managed by the company. We have performed hardware integration with existing controllers and sensors in the hydropower plants. This provides real-time monitoring of electricity production and automated production process based on pre-arranged schedules. The solution has reduced the deviations of actual electricity production levels from the pre-arranged schedules by 300%.

    Electriqube is a product of Devision.
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    IoT Solutions

  • Case Management System for Private Enforcement Agents

    The Bulgarian Chamber of Private Enforcement Agents (BCPEA) selected us to execute a much-needed overhaul of the Central Register of Debtors - a centralised database of private enforcement cases within the country managed by the organisation.

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    Custom Software Development

  • Billing & Support Software for ISP company

    We have developed custom billing software for an ISP company providing features like client management (CRM like features), services, pricing and payments administration. We have also implemented team management module and trouble ticketing system working seamlessly altogether as an integrated solution.

    5 Years | PHP, JavaScript, MySQL
    Custom software development

    “Developing and integrating core system software and managing all the internal processes for our customers and services are really demanding tasks. We are happy to have entrusted our business to Devision‘s team, and we are very pleased with the solution they implemented and delivered to us. Besides being impressed with the high quality of the final product, we were extremely happy with Devision’s professional attitude and speed when solving a problem or working on a new task.”
    Tsvetomir TsvetkovCEO at Net-Surf.Net

  • GIS Data Management Mobile App

    A hybrid Android and iOS Mobile App built for an innovative, agricultural company to allow its clients keep track of the field machinery while using GIS data.

    6 Months | PhoneGap, JQuery Mobile, Backbone.js, Leaflet.js
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    Mobile App
  • Billing Software for Hosting Company

    Web-based billing and order management software development for a Web and Cloud hosting provider. Devision has delivered the following:

    • Customer Control Panel
    • Back-office system for products, services, orders, payments, and clients (CRM like features) management.
    • Automated middleware orchestration engine integrated with Onapp, cPanel and Xen virtualization.
    1 Year | PHP, JavaScript, MySQL
    Custom software development

    “In Devision we found a partner who we can entrust all our ideas to... Throughout the project, we were met with an exceptional professionalism and performance. As customers we felt in control of everything, thanks to daily strategic planning meetings and frequent discussions about effective implementation of innovative technologies. Our year-long collaboration has allowed us to learn from their expertise and build a strong partnership. We are content with the result of their work and will definitely continue our collaboration in the future. ”
    Julian BorislavovCEO at ICN.BG