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Education Software Development

Our Education Software Development services transform the learning experience, providing tailored solutions that cater to the needs of both educational institutions and corporate clients, empowering educators and learners alike to unlock the potential of technology and drive success.

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  • Deep domain expertise
  • Expertise in building user-friendly interfaces
  • Educational mobile app development
  • Scalable cloud-based solutions
  • Focus on security and compliance with GDPR
  • Experience in system integration for better interoperability
  • Certification under ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 standards
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    eLearning Solutions Development

    At Devision, we specialise in the development of tailor-made eLearning software solutions, including web platforms, mobile apps, and other customised solutions that are designed to meet your specific educational needs. We can assist you in building efficient and cutting-edge eLearning solutions that drive better learning outcomes and improve user engagement.
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    Custom LMS Development

    At Devision, we offer custom learning management system (LMS) consulting and development services for education and business settings, allowing institutions to manage and deliver online courses, track student progress, and access analytics to measure course effectiveness.
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    Educational Content Management Systems (ECMS)

    We at Devision are experts in ECMS solutions that offer centralised storage and management for digital educational content, such as textbooks, videos, and other multimedia resources. Our ECMS platforms also offer analytics to track student usage and engagement, enabling educational institutions to make data-driven decisions.
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    School Management and Student Information Systems

    Our team provides comprehensive School Management and Student Information Systems for educational institutions, providing a centralised location for managing and storing critical student information. Our SIS platforms also integrate seamlessly with other systems such as LMS platforms, enabling educational institutions to efficiently manage all aspects of student data and drive better learning outcomes.
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    Assessment Platforms

    We have extensive experience developing tailored Assessment Platforms for educational institutions that are customised to their unique requirements. Our platforms allow for both formative and summative assessments, while also providing detailed analytics to track student performance and identify areas for improvement.


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Our approach

We want to help you turn your company idea into a reality by delivering business features quickly and creating an agile working environment through:
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    Self-organising development teams
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    Transparent and collaborative relationships
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    Deliver value ASAP
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    Guaranteed quality
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"Through our partnership with Devision, we've now built a product that can scale with our growth as we are prepared to support thousands of schools and millions of users in the coming years."
Brian Tvenstrup
President, Eduspire Solutions
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Case study

Product Development for Eduspire Solutions

By leveraging a modern technology stack and cloud-first approach optimised for handling a high volume of simultaneous usage, we elevated Eduspire Solutions' digital solutions for student activity scheduling and classroom monitoring. Our technical and design approach facilitated 10x-100x growth, taking their product to the next level.
"We‘re really impressed, not only with their expertise in advanced software development methodologies, but also with their professionalism and their ability to quickly adapt to changing market requirements. We‘re thrilled to be working with Devision and look forward to a long-lasting partnership."
Marc Oswald
Co-Founder and CEO Open Assessment Technologies S.A.
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Case study

Extended Team for Open Assessment Technologies

Open Assessment Technologies' TAO is a top-notch digital assessment solution for educational institutions and professional development. Due to the increasing demand, the TAO team required additional software development resources, leading them to approach Devision for assistance with software engineering in late 2013.

Empower your educational institution or business with innovative software solutions tailored to your unique needs.