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Industrial and Hi-Tech Software Development

Experience the power of cutting-edge technology with Devision's bespoke industrial and hi-tech software development, tailored to meet your unique business needs and drive growth in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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  • Deep domain expertise
  • Expertise in building user-friendly interfaces
  • Hi-tech mobile app development
  • Scalable cloud-based solutions
  • Focus on security and compliance with GDPR
  • Experience in system integration for better interoperability
  • Certification under ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 standards
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    Custom Software Development

    At Devision, we merge our industry-specific expertise with robust technical skills to create and deliver intricate industrial and enterprise-grade software solutions tailored to your unique business requirements. Our proficiency in Open Source technologies, microservice architecture, and cross-platform progressive web apps (PWA) enable us to build software solutions that are both cutting-edge and scalable.
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    Internet of Things (IoT) Software Development

    Devision's IoT software development expertise spans across smart home and building automation solutions, as well as industrial automation systems. Leveraging our experience, we deliver high-performance software solutions that process and analyse real-time data from connected devices, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions that drive growth and efficiency.
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    Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Development

    At Devision, we are experts in AI and ML development that enables businesses to leverage the power of real-time data processing and analysis. Our AI and ML solutions are designed to work seamlessly with connected devices, allowing our clients to gain insights into their data that drive better decision-making and unlock new opportunities.
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    Cloud Computing Services

    With our team of software engineers, we bring a wealth of experience in developing software solutions that aid financial institutions in meeting regulatory requirements and preventing financial crimes.
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    DevOps Services

    Devision's state-of-the-art software development solutions enable businesses to implement DevOps methodologies and optimise their software development processes. These services facilitate faster software delivery, foster team collaboration, and elevate the overall quality of software products.
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    Digital Twins Development

    With the help of Devision's digital twin development services, organisations can construct virtual representations of real assets or operations. By leveraging this technology, companies can simulate different scenarios and optimise their operations, ultimately leading to improved maintenance, reduced downtime, and enhanced production in the industrial sector.


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Our approach

We want to help you turn your company idea into a reality by delivering business features quickly and creating an agile working environment through:
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    Self-organising development teams
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    Transparent and collaborative relationships
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    Deliver value ASAP
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    Guaranteed quality
Learn more about our approach
"Devision makes it easy to design solutions that fulfill 100% of our requirements. Based on how well they executed our first pilot project, we’ve moved on to more critical aspects of our business that involve live systems. At the moment, Devision is one of our strategic partners for cloud platform development. We plan to work with them for the foreseeable future."
Enterprise Software Architect
Leading Electrical Tech Company
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Case study

IoT Software Development for a leading Electrical Tech Company

We started our partnership with a leading Electrical Tech Company with the development of a small web app back in 2017. We have continued to work together on new projects for the customer since then. At the moment, we are one of our client’s strategic partners for the development of the private IoT cloud platform, as well as different services and software modules that run on our client’s hardware.
Snippets from the screen showing the fridge contents camera image and product the listing screen
Case study

Smart Fridge Prototype

Our team developed a Smart Fridge solution for a local startup, which involved providing software architecture, R&D, and consultation services. We created a machine learning algorithm for object recognition, a user-friendly onscreen display UI, and a mobile app for end-users. Additionally, we established a cloud-based backend system for efficient device management and provisioning. Overall, the prototype we developed can recognize and weigh various objects, providing valuable insights to users.
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Case study

BI app development for Ecopack

Devison has developed a business intelligence (BI) application that seamlessly integrates with Ecopack's database, displaying an interactive map of all their facilities, clients, and partners. This innovative solution empowers Ecopack to keep track of their supply chain network in real-time, as well as monitor their operations and take data-driven decisions. The BI app's capabilities extend to carbon footprint analysis, enabling Ecopack to pinpoint areas where they can further reduce their environmental impact. Additionally, the app allows for efficient monitoring of waste management practices, including the volume of waste produced by each facility and its disposal method.

Unlock the full potential of your industrial and hi-tech operations with Devision's cutting-edge software development solutions.