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Achieve great agility, scalability and efficiency for your IT operations with our DevOps consulting and engineering services.

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    CI/CD Pipelines Development

    By reducing the time and effort required for any type of manual operation, CI/CD implementation delivers automation and great benefits to your business.

    Some of the benefits are:

    • Prompt development cycles
    • Improved security and code quality
    • More frequent release cycles
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    Microservices Containerisation

    The microservice architecture approach comprises breaking down a single application into a collection of distinct services that are configured separately.

    Some of the benefits:

    • Streamline and speed up deployment and configuration process
    • Technology agnostic and unified development environments
    • Better fault tolerance by isolating arising problems
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    Proactive Monitoring & Support

    Our team will delve into the details of your organisation and quickly devise solutions that will help your entire software development and maintenance process.

    Devision’s skilled DevOps engineers will support you with:

    • Improvement of your monitoring and alerting strategy
    • Measurement of risk factors
    • Location of weak points in your current environments

Our process

The agile development philosophy is applied to our work and ensures flexibility and adaptation, allowing us to stay focused on your needs while providing a full cycle delivery.
  • Whether your business case is building a new product or simply augmenting an existing team, we start with a discovery process that might take from a few weeks to months. Our consultants analyse the business case and design a strategy and a roadmap.
  • Оur team will design wireframes, followed by responsive UI mock-ups and a clickable interactive prototype that can be tested with target user groups and clients.
  • Devision’s software architects design the software architecture of the solution, as well as the composition of modules, integrations and underlying infrastructure.
  • Our company follows agile software delivery methodologies, mainly using Scrum or Kanban in some cases. We rely heavily on automated testing and QA together with a test-driven development (TDD) approach that follows the highest enterprise standards for security and code quality.
  • We apply DevOps and infrastructure automations to deliver software in the cloud promptly and safely. The use of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) allows us to produce better quality code and accelerate software development.
  • After the software is successfully deployed, our clients rely on us for product maintenance and we ensure possible incidents and issues are resolved. Our team continually works on feature enhancements and continuous improvements in response to market and user feedback.
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Our approach

We want to help you turn your company idea into a reality by delivering business features quickly and creating an agile working environment through:
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    Self-organising development teams
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    Transparent and collaborative relationships
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    Deliver value ASAP
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    Guaranteed quality
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  • "Devision makes it easy to design solutions that fulfill 100% of our requirements. Based on how well they executed our first pilot project, we’ve moved on to more critical aspects of our business that involve live systems. At the moment, Devision is one of our strategic partners for cloud platform development. We plan to work with them for the foreseeable future."
    Software architect
    German electrical tech company
  • "I have been really satisfied with how customer centric and professional the team has been. Devision has been helping us with really complex business logics and architectures. They have been helping us to improve our process and enable continuous integration environment as well. It's easy to trust that Devision team gives 100% for projects and meeting deadlines. They can help us on all levels of software development. I can recommend Devision to everyone who is looking for a flexible and skillful partner."
    Antti Paukku
    Partner & software architect at Management Events

If you need rapid release and continuous maintenance, let us develop constantly evolving software applying the DevOps approach.