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Dedicated Development Team for Management Events

Devision utilised dedicated teams to successfully deliver custom web and mobile apps, and back-office system for event data management.

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  • Architecture
  • UI/UX
  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • QA
  • DevOps
  • Cloud


2014 - 2021

Project overview

Management Events is a company that specialises in organising international business-to-business (B2B) events for top-level executives and solution providers across various industries. The client had several legacy internal systems and approached us with the task to develop a new back-office software system and customer-facing front-end apps featuring a comprehensive matchmaking process.


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The objective

Legacy system modernization

Our main objective was to develop a new software system for our client that would streamline their event management process and improve their user experience. The old system had limited features, which made it difficult for the client to manage their events and connect people effectively. Therefore, we developed two versions of the software to address these issues. The back-office software allows the client to manage all aspects of their events, including scheduling, billing, and logistics. The customer-facing front-end software allows users to search for events and connect with the right people. Overall, our goal was to create a user-friendly and efficient software system that would help our client to grow their business and provide better service to their customers.

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The challenge

Seamless migration

The main challenge we faced in this project was migrating the client's outdated software system to the new version without any downtime. This meant that we had to ensure that everything continued to work seamlessly during the migration process and that the updated version was running smoothly at the same time. We solved this challenge by developing a meticulous migration plan that minimised disruption and allowed us to identify and address potential issues early on in the development process. The end result was a fully functional and user-friendly system.

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The solution

Building the tools and architecture that would provide better usability

Our solution for Management Events involved developing a new software system for the client that addressed their key challenges. One of the main issues was that the client had no tool enabling their customers to track their activities. We developed a customer-facing front-end software that allowed users to search for events and connect with the right people. Additionally, the client's old software was lacking logistics capabilities which was done manually causing overhead and issues. In the new system we implemented features to order tables and match them to the right guests, streamlining the logistics management process. Overall, our solution helped the client to improve their event management process, provide better service to their customers, and stay competitive in the industry.

Main challenges

What we did

    • Migrating the outdated software system
    • Developed a meticulous migration plan, minimising disruption and addressing issues early.
    • Lack of tools for customers to track activities
    • Developed a customer-facing front-end software for users to search for events and connect with the right people.
    • Manual logistics management
    • Implemented features for ordering tables and matching them to guests, streamlining logistics management.

Our software solution helped the client to organise events more effectively and efficiently. Our use of PHP and frontend development on Angular allowed for a streamlined process that reduced the need for manual effort. Additionally, our customer-facing app allowed for faster issue resolution and improved communication between customers and organisers. We also optimised the responsiveness of the system and migrated it to the cloud for increased reliability and scalability. The end result was a highly functional and user-friendly system that included back-office event data management, CRM features, and continuous integration and delivery with DevOps.

"I have been really satisfied how customer centric and professional the team has been. Devision has been helping us with really complex business logics and architectures. They have been helping us to improve our process and enable continuous integration environment as well. It's easy to trust that Devision team gives 100% for projects and meeting deadlines. They can help us on all levels of software development. I can recommend Devision to everyone who is looking for a flexible and skillful partner."
Antti Paukku
Partner & Software Architect at Management Events

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