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Business Strategy

  • Transforming Legacy Systems: 3 Powerful Paths to Modernisation for Enhanced Performance and Efficiency

    6 min read
  • Navigating Software Technical Due Diligence: Key Aspects and 7 Emerging Trends

    7 min read
  • Devision expands its global footprint with the opening of a new office in Amsterdam

    1 min read
  • Team Augmentation – A Solution for the IT Talent Shortage

    15 min read
  • How Devision joined the elite 7% of world’s leading software development companies

    8 min read
  • Devision is the Definition of Custom Software at its Finest according to Clutch

    4 min read
  • How to establish nearshore product development team?

    10 min read
  • Choosing the right custom software development company

    14 min read
  • Agile (Scrum) vs. Fixed-price Software Development Approach

    7 min read
  • What to consider when hiring a dedicated development team?

    7 min read
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