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How Devision joined the elite 7% of world’s leading software development companies

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Hey, have you heard the latest news? Devision is now a part of the elite group of global software engineering vendors at Pangea after a thorough verification process. This prestigious recognition provides the perfect platform for us to bring unequaled transparency to all clients and hires both now and in future.

What prompted us to join the elite club of global vendors at Pangea

It’s an era of fake news and lack of enough transparency we live in. Due to the uncertainty that this brings in all walks of life, including business relations, we as a company were always striving to build trust as much as excellent software products. Our intention has always been to assure all our current and future partners that in Devision they have a stable and predictable partner. A partner they can pick with absolute conviction from the vast pool of companies and specialists in the field of software development extending from Latin America to Asia.

That prompted us to obtain independent verification by such a trustful organization like Pangea. Now that we succeeded and became part of the elite global club of the top 7% of global vendors, we can rightfully claim: Devision is a company that any client or employee can trust.

What was the verification process like

We were prepared for a really diligent process of verification but it still managed to surpass our expectations. This in itself is actually a good thing because passing the tests with flying colors is a testament to Devision’s commitment to be transparent all the way.

The verification process was swift and began with a short meeting and organizational mapping on topics like business strategy, technology, project metrics, recruitment, culture, etc. In the second part, insights were gained from our team members to measure team health. A number of our clients gave their insights as well to verify the client experience at Devision.

Now, through our data room at Pangea, all the information and documentation needed will be easily accessible to any prospective partners of ours. This total transparency is the ultimate reason why passing through this rigorous verification process was totally worth it.

What we learned about ourselves in the process

Priceless lessons were learnt by passing through this thorough verification process. We knew our strengths but we found out where we can and should optimize our work both in the here-and-now and in the future.

The most positive thing was the high esteem Devision is held by both our team members and our clients. Our Team Health score is 8.5/10.0, which ranks #15 overall, with scores like 8.9/10.0 for Peers rapport and 8.8/10.0 for Personal growth. The very facts that 95% of our team took part in the study and that Devision is ranked #5 for average employee tenure and #7 for average seniority of the team testify to the success of our quest for building one of the best working environments in Sofia.

The diligent verification process also showed us the areas we need to improve. The 8.2/10 score on Feedback and recognition displays the need to acknowledge a little better the merits of the people on our team who deserve it. And we sure will.

And our clients seem to like us too

Ever since its foundation Devision is a company dedicated entirely to making sure our clients are always content with our work and attitude. Thus, the client insights we gained during the verification process at Pangea were a welcomed confirmation of what we are doing right through all these years. Understanding the challenges our clients are facing, because we have launched our own products, brings us together and helps us build stable long-term relationships.

So the Client Score was the second foundation for success we wanted to check, besides our team members’ views. And Devison’s results were terrific again – 8.8/10 and #13 in global ranking. Especially gratifying were scores like 9.5/10 for Documentation Level, 9.3/10 for Process Maturity, 9.2/10 for UI/UX Design and 9.0/10 for Technical Expertise and for Customer Journey. As for the areas for improvement, getting just a little bit better at QA (8.0/10/0) for example may shoot us up in the general Pangea rankings. And our clients will become even more satisfied with our work, if that’s even possible.

I was trying to find development company that offered exceptional service, technical understanding and great value for money. Devision exceeded all of my expectations. I recommend them to anyone.

Andy Fields, CEO @ Copybook Limited

We have engaged Devision to provide a version 2.0 version of our web application to enable us to scale for 10x-100x growth of our business while providing an excellent using experience.

B**** T********, CEO @ Seed to Series A Startup

Highly skilled, flexible and reliable partner that has been the core and foundation of our system development for several years. Highly recommended!

V**** K*****, Product Owner @ Enterprise / Corporation
The Devision team in another of its masterful operations

Perfection is close for Devision

Unprecedented transparency in terms of our work as software engineering vendors – that’s what we will provide through our profile at Pangea. The information, analysis and metrics available will also help us stand out from the rest and defend our status as a company that imposes the highest standards in coding and user experience.

Being part of the top 7% of global software engineering vendors at Pangea doesn’t put our ambitions for growth on hold though. It is not a surprise, when you combine the Team Health and the Client Insights scores, to see that Devision ranks at #11 in Pangea score. But, now that we know the exact areas we need to improve on, we have a clear target: to get in the Top 10 and climb all the way to #1.Perfection is not only possible, it is close for Devision. And we will not rest until we achieve it, with you side by side with us. So jump on board and become a proud partner of one of the elite software development companies globally.

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