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Devision Expands Its Global Reach with a New Office in London, UK

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As we continue to grow and evolve, we are excited to announce the expansion of our global presence with the opening of our latest office in London, United Kingdom. This strategic move represents a significant milestone in Devision’s ongoing commitment to providing top-tier solutions and fostering closer relationships with clients in the region.

With a growing presence in Europe, including our established office in Amsterdam, Netherlands, this expansion solidifies our dedication to serving the needs of our diverse and dynamic client base.

Why London?

London: The Epicentre of Innovation

London stands tall as a global epicentre for innovation and technology. The city hosts a vibrant tech community, a nurturing ground for startups, and a platform for established corporations. By establishing our presence in London, Devision seeks to immerse in this innovation-rich environment, fostering collaborations with local talents and staying at the cutting edge of industry advancements.

Closer to You: Our Esteemed Clients

The decision to set up an office in London is deeply rooted in our commitment to deliver outstanding service to our clients. We firmly believe that proximity breeds stronger relationships and facilitates seamless communication. With a local presence, we can respond promptly to your needs, providing bespoke solutions and personalised support.

Plamen Valchev, CGO at Devision, expressed his excitement about this venture, stating: “London is a melting pot of ideas and innovation. Being present here allows us to be at the nerve centre of technology and financial advancements, enabling us to serve our clients even better.”

What This Means for You

Our esteemed clients in the UK and throughout Europe can anticipate enhanced support, more personalised consultations, and a deeper understanding of your specific challenges and opportunities. Devision is devoted to delivering exceptional services and solutions, and our London office plays a pivotal role in turning this commitment into a reality.

Connecting Beyond Borders

Devision’s stride into London is a testament to our continued growth and innovation. We look forward to collaborating with local businesses, startups, and visionary entrepreneurs, all while expanding our influence in the heart of the UK’s vibrant tech community.

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