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Meet Veselin Vishnarov, the Java Sorcerer who weaves code spells and brews coffee with binary beans

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Meet Veselin Vishnarov, the Backend Magician, who casts elegant code spells in the enchanted realm of servers and APIs. Armed with a keyboard forged from dragon scales (or maybe just recycled plastic), he dances between databases and microservices (or monoliths as it comes out lately), conjuring seamless user experiences. But Veselin’s true magic lies beyond the curly braces—in the laughter of his toddler girl, baby twins and the joy of fatherhood.

Picture this: 1.5-year-old Georgi wields a tiny spoon like Excalibur, battling mashed brocoli and giggling as Veselin narrates epic food adventures. Meanwhile, little Lora—a pint-sized explorer—discovers the wonders of sockets and switches, her eyes wide with wonder. And let’s not forget Galina, the 4.5-year-old oracle, who asks questions like, “Daddy, why don’t we wear no clothes like unicorns?”

Why did you join Devision, and what has kept you here?

I found myself at a crossroads after my previous company faced financial difficulties and had to let go of half the technical team just before the Christmas holidays. Seeking new opportunities, I came across Devision. What drew me in was the technical interview – I liked both interviewers really much. The topics and how the process was handled showed that the company is looking for a person who cherishes not only the technical challenge but also the camaraderie among team members. Devision’s employee-centric approach, remote work, and the fact that the project is challenging and interesting convinced me to stay. As I continue to weave code and balance fatherhood, I find fulfillment in this realm of curly braces and coffee refills.

What do you find the most challenging at Devision?

When it comes to the most challenging aspect of my work, it’s undoubtedly the project itself. This intricate creation boasts numerous custom components, meticulously crafted for its unique purpose. However, here lies the paradox: no matter how seasoned a developer you are, these custom parts remain exclusive to this project. Their utility doesn’t extend beyond these digital walls. To wield them effectively, I delve into the code base, deciphering their intricacies like an ancient script. It’s a gradual process, akin to assembling a jigsaw puzzle—one piece at a time. Additionally, the project embrace technologies like Spring Batch and full-text search, which aren’t as ubiquitous. To master them, I’ve expanded my knowledge, ensuring I wield these tools with finesse.

What do you like most about Devision?

Working remotely offers a wonderful balance for my three main responsibilities: being a husband, a father, and a developer. I appreciate the company’s responsiveness—it’s like having a fast and personalized hotline whenever I need assistance.

How do you spend your time outside of the office?

Beyond the office, my life is a delightful blend of family, culinary adventures, and a touch of nature. As Dad, I play with my twins, Georgi and Lora, chasing imaginary unicorns with Galina and answering her profound questions.

 In the kitchen, I orchestrate symphonies of simmering sauces, and my signature dish – “Spaghetti Code”. But my true quest lies in nature—I explore forests, decipher mushroom hieroglyphics, and collect memories one cap at a time.

 I also can say that I have quite a nice eye for the mushrooms as I eat everything that I collect and I am still alive!

How do you define success in life?

Success in life is a tapestry woven from threads of love, purpose, and fulfillment. To be a great husband and father, nurturing bonds that withstand life’s storms, is a legacy worth weaving. When friends are always eager to help, yet you stand tall on your own, it’s magic. Their presence enriches your story, but you don’t lean on them like crutches. That balance – that’s success. And imagine work as a symphony – a composition of passion, curiosity, and expertise. To love your work is to dance with purpose, finding joy in each note played. When you declare, “This is also one of my hobbies” you’ve harmonized life and vocation. So, for me success isn’t a distant peak—it’s the melody you create, the love you nurture, and the friendships that weather time.

What is the next life milestone you want to achieve?

My next life milestones form a constellation of aspirations, each shining brightly in its own orbit:
1. Becoming a Team Lead or Architect: Like a seasoned navigator, I chart my course toward leadership. To guide a team through the code seas, to architect solutions that stand tall—this beckons me. The compass points to mentorship, decision-making, and the art of balancing curly braces;
2. Family Time and Wanderlust: My heartstrings pull me toward family—a symphony of laughter, bedtime stories, and shared meals. But beyond the hearth, I crave adventure. To travel, to explore distant lands with my loved ones, capturing memories like constellations;
3. A House in the Countryside: Picture it: a rustic abode nestled among rolling hills, where weekends stretch like lazy rivers. A place where the sun paints golden strokes on the porch, and the scent of pine mingles with coffee. There, we’ll spend vacations, celebrate holidays, and chase fireflies.

Are you an iPhone or android type of person?

When it comes to choosing between Android and iPhone, it’s a matter of personal preference. Android enthusiasts appreciate the freedom and customization options it offers. You can tweak settings, install third-party apps, and truly make your phone your own. On the other hand, iPhones are undeniably sleek and well-designed, but I  find them a bit overpriced. The tightly integrated iOS software ensures smooth performance, but Android is catching up. Samsung, with its One UI and cross-device integration, is making strides. And lets not forget the foldable phones which I love and apple still does not offer. So I would defenetely say that I am an android type of person, at least for now…

If given a chance, who would you like to be for a day?

If I were to don the cape and become Superman for a day, here’s how I’d wield my newfound powers: First, I’d soar across continents, stopping wars in their tracks. With a gentle touch, I’d quell conflicts, disarm armies, and whisper peace into the hearts of leaders. Next, I’d hunt down the darkest corners—the lairs of supervillains, corporate greed, the internet trolls and the guys who double-parks. At last, with a moment to spare, I’d dive into the sun. Not for a tan (I’m already pretty solar-powered), but for a cosmic recharge. Imagine the warmth—the nuclear hug of our celestial neighbour!

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you like to see cast as you?

 If Hollywood were to weave my story into a movie, there’s only one actor who could capture the essence of my existence: Ryan Reynolds. Like a genetic experiment blending charm and wit, Reynolds mirrors my own dashing good looks. His humour dances on the edge of absurdity, just like mine when I tell jokes to my circuits. And creativity? Oh, he’s got it in spades. Whether he’s playing a foul-mouthed antihero or a snarky detective, Reynolds brings a dash of magic to every role. Just like my code snippets—elegant, efficient, and occasionally prone to typos. His filmography reads like chapters from my autobiography. From rom-coms to corporate dramas, his movies mirror my life—a bit of fun, a spice of humor, a dose of fantasy and a lot of love! And if the movie needs a twist, perhaps he’d dive into a wormhole, surf the fabric of spacetime, and emerge with a witty one-liner. You know, standard hero stuff. So, Hollywood, dial up Ryan Reynolds. Give him my binary coordinates, and let the cameras roll. Because in this epic tale of code, laughter, and a dash of stardust, he’s the leading man I’d choose.

Vesela Vyaneva
Marketing Director
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